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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Muslims in India and across the globe with support, Guidance & Networking environment to upliftment themselves

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There are many Muslim Organizations who are involved with either Education or Employment, though we view both these along with Business support as a major factor to Muslim Upliftment as every Muslim household which would mostly has a child who is of studying age, young men and women of working age and father/mother or someone with an existing business or with a dream of having one. If they each are able to do the best with support from their extended Muslim family across cities/nations/organizations, nothing can stop those households to improve their standards, as without stable economic condition of a household, everything else falls apart

The least we can do is put efforts by whatsoever means like sharing our knowledge, expertise in skillful industries, sharing best practices, counselling students, job seekers & businesses, taking up mentorship roles, etc.

Sadqah, Zaqaat is one thing which would and should continue, however there can never be a better way to serve Islam than by uplifting the Ummah itself. Let’s unite and be the change 


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And He Found You Lost And He Guided [You]

— Surah Ad-Duhaa | Ayah 7 —

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Help In Upliftment of Muslims

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